Terrible service. Only took 2 days for all the new subscribers to start falling off and for the number to drop below the original number promised.

They say that they're real "people" that they're getting to subscribe, but in all likelihood that's ***. Then when confronted about this, they decide to try and point out that I was wrong in my email complaint. They said well actually you placed your order 4 days ago, not a week like you said. Now if they actually paid attention to what I wrote they would have seen that I wrote LESS THAN a week ago.

And on that note, why the *** does it matter when I placed the order? In all this service is ***, clearly the employees or owners are full of *** and are really here to rip you off. If you've already purchased subscribers from them, take a look at the subscribers.

They're all fake, no videos, no profile pics. Terrible service, terrible website, I sincerely hope it gets shut down.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of internet marketing. BestCheapLikes needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Of course, I can't speak for other people, but my experience with this site has been incredibly positive. I've used them several times for a few different things and they've always delivered as promised.

Whenever I've had any queries they've responded very quickly and if anything have ADDED more numbers than I've asked for, and YES these figures have stuck.

I needed to get more attention for a charity campaign among other things, and it was partly because of all the views that I was able to fund-raise so successfully. Thanks, BestCheapLikes.com!


I used BestCheapLikes.com many times. They always deliver the orders as promised and have lifetime warranty.

Really very professional and reliable. They deliveried more than 50,000 YT Subscribers for my channel!

Haven't many services can do this.

BestCheapLikes very friendly and support very quickly.

I think review above is not right & negative!

I'm completely satisfied.

to davidjohn_2017 #1344678

I'm sorry, you bought 50,000 YT subs?! Talk about desperate...

to davidjohn_2017 #1344683

Mate, you actually bought 50,000+ YT subs? Talk about desperate...

to Curious George #1521595



How long did it take for the order to go through? I placed an order & still haven't received anything.

to Anonymous #1337800

I think you received the subscribers that BestCheapLikes deliver. So please don't post the comments not true & lie

to davidjohn_2017 #1344679

I think that davidjohn_2017 is an employee of BCL, as the errors in English grammar are very similar to the ones on their website...

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